Applying for a New Vehicle and Operator’s Licences

Operator’s Licences

Private Hire Operators may be individuals, partnerships or limited companies, but however they are structured the person or organisation who holds an operator’s licence must be a fit and proper person to do so. In general terms the fit and proper person test requires the council to be satisfied that the operator will take care of the personal information they gather about their passengers and will not use that information for dishonest purposes or in other words the council will ask itself the quest “would we happy about this person knowing the movements of our close relatives or the dates they on holiday?”  Council’s also impose rules about the records that must be kept and the type of premises the operator must have. Individual requirements vary from council to council.

We can help by:

We can help by:

  • Helping you choose the right business structure for your operator’s business;
  • Advising you about what the council requires and how to satisfy their requirements;
  • Liaise with the Council on your behalf before you submit your application;
  • Representing you before the committee if your application is not straight forward;
  • Advising and representing you in relation to any enforcement issues;
  • Advising, assisting and representing you at an appeal to a magistrates’ or Crown Court

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