Applying for a New Driver’s Licence

Taxi and PHV Driver’s Licences
If you are applying for a private hire vehicle or hackney driver’s licence you must be a fit and proper person to hold that licence, have a right to work in the United Kingdom and have held a DVLA driver’s licence.
There are no hard and fast rules as to what qualities a fit and proper person must have, but in general terms council’s are looking for good safe driver’s who physically and mentally fit, sober and who are unlikely to take advantage of their passenger’s, steal from them or assault them. In other words, they are looking for someone they would allow their close relatives to get in a car with alone.
Previous criminal or motoring convictions will always be considered by council’s but need not always disqualify someone from holding a PHV or hackney licence. Most councils have a taxi policy and eligibility criteria differ from council to council. Nearly all council’s ask whether an applicant has held a previous hackney or PHV licence or had an application for a licence refused, so its important to get your application right first time.
In many cases licences are granted by the council’s officers but difficult cases are usually referred to the council’s licensing committee.

We can help by:

  • Advising you about your council’s policy before you apply, saving you from the risk and expense of refusal;
  • Helping you assess your prospect of success if you have previous convictions and identifying the best council to apply to where you have a choice;
  • Representing you before the committee if your application is not straight forward;
  • Advising, assisting and representing you at an appeal to a magistrates’ or Crown Court.

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